4 roulette game facts you should know as a beginner

Roulette game variants include American Roulette and European Roulette. Many people fail to recognize the difference between the two main roulette game variants. From the table to the available bets, the two games look almost identical.

One key difference. European roulette is a single zero, while American roulette subtly adds another green 00. The casino advantage of European roulette is only 2.7%. American Roulette adds the extra 00, jumping the house edge to 5.4%. This is a huge difference, and the house edge is automatically doubled.

Players playing American Roulette are destined to burn through their money at twice the rate. In other words, you need twice as much money to gamble in the same amount of time.

Maximizing insider bets

For the average casino gambler, the goal should be to get as much entertainment as possible from your time in the casino. One of the exciting ways to do this in roulette is to make multiple inside bets. These numbers will pay out at the amazing odds of 35:1.

This makes the wins here look much more exciting than your standard even money bets (such as even/odd or red/black). Don’t get me wrong, pari-mutuel bets can help float the money and keep you at the table longer.

In addition, you can spread the bets around more. If the table has a minimum bet of $5, then the entire $5 must be used for your parlay bet. When you start betting in the middle of the table, you have the ability to spread it out. By playing only one, you can enjoy a higher 35:1 payout.

House Edge is higher than most games

Roulette games have a lower casino edge than slots. In most physical casinos, double zero is as good as you can hope for. This will give you a house edge of over 5% in the battle.

Blackjack has an absurd house edge, but when using the basic strategy, it drops to just 0.5%. That’s before you get into the crazy goodness of card counting. Roulette is a fantastic game with great entertainment potential. It just doesn’t give you the best chance to hold your money.

Betting Bigger is More Advantageous

There is no way to overcome the standard casino advantage in roulette. Over a long enough period of time, the math will always beat you. This means that players need to find other ways to get around the edges and make a profit. Although you can’t beat roulette, you can get around the edge in a short period of time.

Given the small sample size, anything can happen. You can easily guess right several times in a row; it’s called luck. Your challenge is to make the most of these lucky streaks. The best way to do this is to bet big and make shorter runs.

You may not be able to spend as much time as you’d like gambling, but when things go well, you’ll reap huge rewards.

There is no such thing as sequencing

There is no pattern to the numbers that appear on roulette. Every outcome of a roulette bet is a random event. There is absolutely no future or past outcome to the spin, and it is vital to understand the core of it. More critically, you need to accept that you cannot make decisions based on any past results.

The basic concept that a particular outcome may be more or less due to a single event is at the heart of the gambler’s fallacy. Get this idea out of your mind and you will get better results in the casino.