Live Roulette: How do I play? How do I bet?

One of the most popular casino games of all time, roulette is a game of chance that requires no special skills to play. Spin Roulette has a thrill that no other game can replicate. Whether you play at the casino or online, every roulette game is fun to play. It’s easy to play, too. Beginners can enjoy some low-limit bets and win their money back, while high-stakes bets can increase the stakes and win amazing amounts of money.

Even if you’ve never played in a casino before, you probably know what roulette looks like. There are 37 pockets, with numbers ranging from 1 to 36 plus zero pockets. The casino offers two types of roulette. The first is single-zero roulette (European) and the other is double-zero roulette (American). The European version is the first choice because the house advantage is lower.

Playing the game is easy. Everything is handled by the dealer. You just need to decide your bet and place it. The dealer will then throw the ball and wait to see where it lands in the pocket. The adrenaline rush of waiting to see if you have chosen the right number is unlike anything else. This is the biggest reason why roulette has been so popular for centuries.

Types of bets

In the beginning, roulette only offered bets on the pocket numbers you thought the ball would fall into. These bets are called inside bets because they are located on the inside of the table. You can bet on a single straight number, a group of numbers, consecutive numbers, or four numbers in a corner. Inside bets are the easiest to place because the layout of the table makes your bets logical. You can also find outside bets in the table layout. These are located outside of the number fields and allow you to bet on red/black, odd/even, or 1-18 and 19-36.

Which bets to choose

This is a decision you must make for yourself. It depends on what type of player you are. New players will find it more profitable to bet on outside bets. High roller bets almost always aim for a single bet, as it offers the best odds.

The nice thing about online roulette variants is that they have a floor and a ceiling. If you are a casual player, you will need to look for low risk games, while high rollers will need the higher limit versions. High rollers will also benefit from live roulette, which is the latest and greatest development in the history of roulette.

Live Roulette

Regular roulette games are not beyond the imagination of the American and European versions. That’s where Live Roulette comes in. Since the ingenuity of Evolution Gaming first appeared on the market, roulette has taken bold new directions, each with its own unique twist.

Regardless of which variant you play, the rules of roulette remain the same. However, the game play is the trump card of live roulette. What makes this version so exciting is that you can see the ball rolling from different angles and cameras. It adds ultra-realistic layers to the game with HD quality and slow motion.

Speed Roulette offers a faster version of roulette. On the other hand, Immersive roulette captures the action at 200 frames per second, allowing you to shoot the ball up close like never before.

Lightning Roulette is the studio’s crowning roulette achievement. A new take on the popular game with the same rules, combining world-class live roulette with elements of RNG gaming. This revolutionary roulette will light up your world and is proof that casino games are always evolving.