How to read the betting options on online roulette?

Can’t figure out how to play online roulette? This article will explain the betting panels and odds for each of the three types of roulette, as well as the differences between the three types. The odds of winning at online roulette can vary substantially with the odds, so let’s look at the actual numbers.

Things to avoid in online roulette

Try to avoid “American Roulette” bets in online roulette. It’s not necessarily, it’s just a matter of trying to avoid playing, but there are actually people who are still playing with a few percent difference. There are many examples of people who have won money, and this is luck and strength.

Items not to bet on in online roulette

  • Don’t want to package number

This means don’t bet on single point bets. The way you bet should be based on the betting block. No one wants to put all their money on a single number with a 1 in 37 chance of winning and 35 times the odds.

  • Don’t place a single large bet

The online roulette game itself is not like baccarat in that it pays out. The main thing is that it has high odds and relatively low expectations, so you should play according to the same proportional amount, not too impatient.

Online Roulette Betting Panel

All online and offline roulette wheels are round in shape, with only the top slots separated by the number of slots, so here are some of the main betting items on the panel. The first step is to explain the details of the items from the top, the betting methods are divided into single and double, black and red, size, designated numbers, single line bets, and block bets.

  • odd/even

A more interesting betting method in roulette, not often seen in other games, where the numbers are covered with color. The odds are 1:1, with a 47.37% chance of winning.

  • bigger/smaller

The odds are 1:1 with a 47.37% chance of winning.

  • Designated number betting items

The company has a number of different types of bets, and the odds and chances are initially the same depending on the type of designation.

1.single designated number
Just pick a number and place your chips on it. The odds are 35 times and the odds of winning are 2.7%.

2.two designated numbers
Choose two numbers to bet, such as betting 1 and 4 numbers. Just put the bet amount between the numbers 1 and 4. The odds are 17 times and the odds of winning are 5.3%.

3.four designated numbers
Choose four numbers, place your chips in the middle of all four, and complete the bet. Odds are 8 times with a 10.5% chance.

  • Single line betting items

The first, second and third lines of the three types of bets have been set on this chart. The odds are 2 times and the chance is 31.85%.

  • Block betting items

The betting panel is tiered with three types of bets: first column block, second column block and third column block, with odds of 2 times and 31.85%.